Updates: 4th Jan. 2019
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Welcome to the 10th Asian Photochemistry Conference

Join us from 16th-20th December, 2018 at the vibrant city of Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan for the 10th Asian Photochemistry Conference (APC).  Established in 1996, the APC offers scientists an opportunity to discuss the latest developments and findings in both fundamental and applied photochemistry as well as other related areas.

This year’s event is jointly hosted by Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University. Topics include but not limited to the following: photophysics and photochemistry, photobiology and photosynthesis, spectroscopy and dynamics, plasmonics and nanophotonics, solar energy materials and photocatalysis, photoluminescent and photochromic materials, bioimaging, biosensing, and phototherapy. In addition, the conference incorporates a Topical Symposium: The 4th International Symposium on Frontiers in Bioimaging which will showcase novel imaging techniques in biology and medical sciences.

The year 2018 is a special year for Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University as both mark their 90th anniversary. To celebrate this occasion, a series of events including conferences, seminars and heritage exhibitions will be held throughout the year. The APC will be part of this celebration as we present the top researches in Academia Sinica.   

The organizing committee welcomes you to join researchers from around the world as they share their knowledge and expertise on photochemistry in the city that offers endless excitements from sightseeing, shopping to cultural experiences.