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~~Excursion update:

Howard International House --> National Palace Museum
 Bus will depart from the front entrance of Howard Civil Service International House at 2:30pm.
Silks Palace --> Howard Civil Service International House:
 Bus will depart from Silks Palace at 9pm to take you back to Howard Civil Service Internationl House.

Tour information:
 Each bus will have a tour guide which will take you for a 2 hour tour in the National Palace Museum. There will be English (red, blue, green and yellow) and Japanese (orange, white and purple) tour. Please note: no backpacks are allowed in the museum, please leave your backpack at the museum locker room.  At the end of the tour, the tour guide will take you to Silks Palace, which is 5 minutes walk from the museum.
 Banquet at Silk Palace will start with open bar at 5pm, follow by APA award ceremony at 5:30pm. Dinner still be servce at 6:20pm. There will be tranditional Chinese orchestra perfomances and circus performance during the banquet.

Howard Civil Service International House

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Exit MRT Taipower Building Station Exit No.2, take a left turn and then walk along Sinhai Road for about 10~15 minutes to reach the intersection of Sinhai Road and Sinsheng S. Road, take a left turn to arrive at Howard Civil Service International House. In the vicinity are the two main food and shopping commercial circles of National Taiwan University and National Taiwan Normal University, and it is only 5-minutes walk to NTU to enjoy a spiritual baptism of culture and city.


Excursion (included in registration)
National Palace Museum
Built in the 1965s in the quiet district of Waishungxi, the National Palace Museum houses some of the most magnificent artifacts and artwork from ancient Chinese heritage. The majority of the collection came from the preparatory department of the Nanjing Museum and most of them were once belonged to the China emperors.
The current National Palace Museum was formed by combining the Palace Museum and National Central Museum in 1965. The collections of two museum together comprised 608, 985 cultural relics including antiquities, paintings and calligraphies, rare books and documents.
Banquet (included in registration)

Silks Palace
The Silks Palace is located in the ground of National Palace Museum. The restaurant offers guests the unique dining experience by presenting the art of traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern touch, where each dish is a work of art crafted to resemble the museum’s imperial treasures

Post conference Sign-up tours

We want our delegates to make the most of the trip and explore the vibrant city of Taipei. Treat yourself with the famous Taiwanese food by visiting Nan Man traditional market and Yong Kang night market, or for those that prefer to take things slow, relax and enjoy a reflexology session follow by a wonderful dining experience at the Michelin-starred Din Tai Fung restaurant. Tours are offered in both English and Japanese. Click on the following links to sign up for the tours and enter promo code” APC2018MTT” to receive 15% off the original price. Please note the promo code expires on the 16th December, and is valid for the tours listed below departing on the 20th December, 2018 only.
Taipei Culinary Experience USD$65 (English)

伝統市場から始まるグルメツアーNTD$2000 (Japanese)

Taipei Rest and Relaxation Tour USD$100  (English)

いやしとグルメの台北ナイトツアーNTD$3100  (Japanese)

九份でたそがれてみる?NTD$2800 (Japanese)<